Band Biography:

In 2015 lead guitarist Rene Gattermair formed his own band called DEMONICERA. After establishing their first instrumental crew, Sam Fernandez stepped in as vocalist in 2016. Years of struggle passed as the project had to face many member changes. In 2017 Dave Ramella, rhythm guitarist of the band, entered the project and they began to compose new songs, the first demo songs for their debut EP were born. When they had the opportunity to write more songs with more constant members, the band made the decision to perform their first gig at a band competition in 2019, followed by a gig as opening act for Blood for Betrayal (GER) and No Zodiac (USA). Right when Corona entered our lives, the band chose to record their EP with Mike Stöckl, who was also contributing to the bass tracks of each song and managing the production and mixing aspect of the band. In fact, he also created the lyric video for Butchered Alive.

As if out of nowhere, Moritz Pik showed up, a talented young drummer who decided to help out the band with their drummer problems. So he took over the drum section and is doing a great job. For this reason, the band went ahead and decided to re-record their EP called Blasphemous Thoughts in its final version, to be released on August 13, 2021.

In addition, the band is attempting to return back on stage and experiment with new ideas.

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-Stay insane with the fockn'gang-