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Our Story

The band DEMONICERA was established in 2015, with a group of like-minded musicians coming together to create something new and exciting in the music world. The lead guitarist, Rene Gattermair, was a driving force behind the project, but he did not do it alone. From the beginning, the band was a collaborative effort, with each member contributing their unique skills and perspectives.

After forming their first instrumental crew, the band began searching for a vocalist who could bring their music to life. In 2016, they found Sam Fernandez, who was eager to join the project and help take it to the next level. With a full lineup in place, the band began writing and composing new songs, honing their sound and developing their style.

As is often the case with new bands, DEMONICERA faced its share of challenges along the way. Member changes and other setbacks threatened to derail the project, but the band persevered, determined to make their mark in the music world. In 2017, they welcomed Dave Ramella as their rhythm guitarist, and the group began working on their first demo songs for their debut EP.

The band's first live performance came in 2019, at a band competition where they made a strong showing. They followed that up with a gig as an opening act for Blood for Betrayal and No Zodiac, gaining valuable experience and exposure along the way. When the pandemic hit and live performances were no longer possible, the band turned their attention to recording their EP with the help of Mike Stöckl, who contributed to the bass tracks and managed the production and mixing aspects of the project.

Another stroke of good luck came in the form of Moritz Pik, a talented young drummer who joined the band and quickly became an essential part of their sound. With Pik on board, the band decided to re-record their EP, giving it a final polish before its release on August 13, 2021.

Despite the challenges and setbacks they faced, DEMONICERA has remained committed to their music and their vision. They continue to experiment with new ideas and sounds, eager to push the boundaries of what is possible in the rock and metal genres. Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming band, as they are sure to make waves in the music world in the years to come.


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